Wednesday, 23 January 2013

My teachers

I began studying internal Chinese martial arts (Qigong taiji, Xingyi and Bagua) in 2002 and have been able to see many teachers mainly in England and China, but I have also studied in France, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Scotland and Bahrain.

My main teachers have been:

Sean Barkes (Lincoln, England) I have been studying with Sean since 2003. Sean teaches many types of Qigong, Yang style taiji long form and push hands. His teachers include Yang Jwing Ming (Tiawan) and Willie Lim (Malaysia).   Sean is also an experienced practitioner of tradition Chinese medicine.  Sean’s website

Paul Cavel (London, England)  I have been studying with Paul since 2004. Paul is a senior student of Bruce Kumar Frantzis (see ). He teaches Bagua, Wu style taiji, Taoist meditation and Qigong including Neigong. Mainly in retreats and weekend seminars in England, France and Germany.

Zhou Jingxuan (Tianjin, China) I studied with Master Zhou when I lived in Tianjin from 2007 to 2008. Zhou teaches many northern Chinese martial arts including Xingyi quan, Baji, taiji, Jingang Bashi and pigua zhang. (He taught me Xingyi and Yang style taji.) Zhou is unusual for a Chinese Master, because he had 11 long term teachers and teaches westerners openly.  An article about him by one of his western students.
Shang Wu Zhai- Traditional Chinese Martial Arts – Facebook page

Wang Hongjun (Shenzhen, China) 2009-2011. Unfortunately I know relatively little about Master Wang’s teachers and lineage. Wang’s main teacher was from Ningxia province in the North-west of China. His school is named Bei Xi’an, which is a mythical animal that’s half Lion half Tiger. Wang teaches an unusual Yin Bagua, Xingyi Combination form, Neigong and Taiji. 

Phaiboon T.W Cheng (Hong Kong) 2004 and 2009-2011. Sifu Cheng teaches Yang style taiji in Kowloon Park and introduced me to Wang Hongjun. I studied the 24 Yang short form, the Beijing 42 combination form and the 108 Yang long form with him.

I have seen many other teachers a few times these include Nigel Sutton (Malaysia he taught me Guo style Bagua), Mario Napoli (New York he taught me push hands), Faye Li-Yip (Beijing she taught me Sun style Taiji) Willie Lim (Malaysia he taught ChengManChing Yang style taji) Chris Pei (Taiwan Yang style), Zhu Hwa (Beijing Cheng style Bagua) and Shao-Nian Bates (Bahrain Beijing 42 Taiji and Bagua).

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